Friday, October 26, 2012

Play Set Into Nature: Engleman Park Wilsonville OR

A few years ago this lot was covered in trees, with a lone picnic table. Neighbors were not clear if they were even allowed in. At the Engleman Park grand opening next week it will be clear that this is a community space for play and relaxation that is centered around nature. The park will provide a respite for one of the denser areas of the city. 

The park features sit within a beautiful grove of  trees. The previous owner of the property planted them all 50 years ago. While brand new, the features seem as through they fit with the site seamlessly.

There are plenty of opportunities for play in nature and with natural materials as well as nature themed play equipment. A main central features is a rocky swale that will catch stormwater as well as provide an exploration place for imaginative play.

 Downed trees, boulders and stumps were salvaged from the site and nearby parks. This is a beautiful blend of equipment and rubber surfacing (shown below) while also accentuating the natural elements of the site; trees, boulders and water.


  1. Another great play area that is helping to re-introduce children to nature. Job well done!

    1. Thanks Rod! We hope this space gives kids a chance to get up close with natural elements that they may have ran right past before. There is still a nice lawn area to run around in. But, the kids at the opening sure liked running into and out of the rocky swale.


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