Monday, June 18, 2012

Nature Play Toolkit

GreenWorks recently created this nature play tool kit for Portland Parks and Recreation while working on the Westmoreland Park nature play area. It outlines some of the main activities, materials and concerns in nature play areas. It is a bit of a graphic menu for nature play design. These are a few pages from the draft version for review and comment.

On a schematic level these images help explain nature play to public and maintenance audiences. It can help garner support for a project or help bring everyone onto the same page. While it is many steps away from a design that is complete, safety reviewed and ready for play, I think it is an inspiring start.

What do you think? How would this toolkit be useful to you or your organization?


  1. Hello! Where can I download a full version of this toolkit? It's really lovely!
    Thanks for this blog :D

  2. IF you send me am email I will send you a copy. michellegmathisatgmaildotcom
    thanks for reading!


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