Thursday, February 09, 2012

Nature Play Photos and Case Studies

Can't afford a trip to Germany to see all the wonderful playgrouds they have created? Germany is a hub for creative, adventure and alternative playgrounds. This series of case studies highlights many sites and examples. It is nicely organized in 9 colorful, photo packed case study docuents including:

1. Choice
2. Risk and Challenge
3. Nature with a capitol N
4. Play Machines
5. Sand
6. Shade and Seating
7. Topography
8. Variety and Texture
9. Water

These pictures instantly take me back to my travels in Germany. The photos and sites highlight many of the best aspects of Berlin's play spaces.

The Risk and Challenge Document highlights some of the same concerns we have in US playgrounds.
- Fire and water (although I have never seen fire actually being considered in the states)
- Heights
- Trip Hazards
- Supervision
- Loose Materials
- Thorns and Berries

See the full case studies here, A Case Study in Playground Design : Berlin Playgrounds.

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