Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oak Log Playhouse

The Eden Project in Cornwall is build in a disused clay mine in the UK. It has been transforming it into a rich, global garden where people can learn about nature and get inspiration about the world around them. They have a wide variety of wonderful spaces and services. But, what caught my eye was this log house. Made from a single Oak Log it is the ultimate fairy play house.

You can click here for a fun series of photos showing the transformation of the log to play house. This series was posted by another interesting playground blogger Playgroundology.

The creator of this beautiful Oak Playhouse, Wood Touch Enterprises also creates other wood pieces. I would love to see more of this type of equipment being built by playground manufacturers in the US. I love the free form wood pieces with round forms, bark and a feeling that this tree was once alive.

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  1. Hi Michelle - nice blog. I've looked at a few posts and will be going though more closely. Thx for the PlayGroundology reference. I'll return the favour. Always nice to meet up with people who have similar interests. All the best from Halifax on North America's East Coast. Alex


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