Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Portland 's Skyline School Installs a 90' Wind Turbine

"Today, Skyline School generated 0.9 Kilowatt-hours of electricity. This could power A typical video game system for 1 day."   

See other real time data at  Solar 4 R Schools.

"March 28 was a busy Monday at Skyline, as we combined students returning from Spring Break with the successful installation of a 90 foot tower topped by a wind turbine. Students were able to safely view portions of the installation, as the construction crew lifted the tower into place with a large crane. The power generated by the wind turbine will contribute about 3% of the total power needed by the school. This project is educational as well, and a kiosk in the Skyline Library gives students, staff, and parents the ability to view power generation in real time. As the site gets more functional we will share that link with you."
Ben Keefer
Principal of Skyline School
See the Principal's full letter on the Skyline School Website 

See how much energy the turbine is creating by following this link to Solar 4 R Schools. I like  how Solar for our schools provides a realty time web based interface with information kids can understand. 

More information can be found here


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