Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It's colorful, it's international, it's amazing! Go Play!

Wow! i ran into this organization recently and I love their work. The colorful playgrounds are shadowed by the smiling faces and opportunities offered to children in these communities. Seeing the before and after pictures gives me a great respect for the work that this organization does. They operate under this byline
"We build playgrounds where there are none and we work with others to do the same…"

This international playground initiative is bringing playgrounds to children all over the world. The designs are colorful, utilize locally available materials, and offer a wide variety of play types. Project locations include; Fiji, Thailand, Kenya, Cambodia, East Timor, Mae Sot Thailand, Kenya, Northern India, and the Philippines.

Be sure to check out their support website that offers lots of specific ideas and toolkits. http://playgroundideas.org/.

All photos and info from the go play project!

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