Monday, December 13, 2010

In Search of Log Climbers

I use the following picture a lot when I talk with clients. I think it is interesting and a good mix of natural wood and rope. I like the idea of kids being able to feel like they are climbing a tree. The layering of pieces is challenging and can inspire endless creative play. There is a feel of wood and round logs, (good for kids) but also an overall look of equipment (good for the maintenance folks). But, this is built in the UK.

This is more of a seating level climber I saw in Germany with no fall surface. I guess German kids are tough! You can tell the piece in the front has been replaced. It would be interesting to know how difficult replacing one piece is and how often it is done.
So, I have been trying to locate a more local version that I can share with clients. I have not had too much luck. In the Northwest with all of the rain our wood rots pretty quickly and people are pretty hesitant to use it. When this concept gets off the drawings table I will probably have trouble finding someone to build it for me. Below are a few of my favorite US and Canadian pieces. Unfortunately they are custom made, but they are beautiful!

The log jam at the Lumberman's Memorial site in Michigan is a playful replication that is educational and probably a lot of fun.

Log-fingers made by Warren Brubacher and Coastal Cedar Creations is a very inviting and beautiful play art piece.

If you have any ideas or know if any local log climbers I would love to hear about them.

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