Friday, November 05, 2010

Early Head Start Playground Breaks Ground at Clackamas Community College

After a few months of intensive design, the children at the Clackamas Community College's Early Head Start are starting to see their playground take shape.  Little hands grasping the chain link construction fence and eyes set on the excavator, they wait patiently as the sea of bark chips is replaced with a natural area for creative play.

Construction manager Stephanie Morgan from GR Morgan Construction placed these signs on the construction fencing so the kids would know what type of equipment was being used.

The Clackamas County Children’s Commission (CCCC) is a non-profit organization that serves children in Clackamas County. Their Early Head Start play space was in need of upgrades. The equipment was out dated and not meeting the physical needs of the young children.

GreenWorks worked with CCCC to develop a plan that fit within their limited space, met development requirements of younger children and offered an alternative play experience from traditional playground equipment. The nature based playground design includes an embankment slide, sand play area, trike loop, potting shed play house, lush planting and timber climbers. GreenWorks helped the client re-invision how to use the existing covered space for additional all season play, how to incorporate appropriate storage, and how play surfacing could extend social areas for music, arts, and classroom activities.
This is one of the site options created by GreenWorks 


  1. Tt's refreshing to see a company willing to work within the financial resources of a client. Here is a wonderful design that fits their needs and budget. It's a winning plan for all - especially the children!

  2. Thanks! GreenWorks works with a wide variety of clients and budgets. The resulting spaces reflect the unique vision and goals of each of our clients. These projects are fun because I have the client who signs the contract, then the one that gleefully runs into the site every day to ride their trike and use the slide.


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