Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is a pretty amazing idea for creative play; inexpensive, with limit less possibilities. The 'pod' could be installed in any school playground and unlocked during play times. Inside the pod is a variety of building materials and scrap pieces of other elements.

I could see this working well in Portland area schools. Working closely with SCRAP and the rebuilding center, schools could find materials that are appropriate and do not dictate a certain type of play. Make sure you watch the movie clip on the site!

Thanks Children's Scrap Store for this great information and video.

A Pod similar to this one is placed on the playground and filled with scrap building pieces and materials. Students are free to go in the pod and use materials as they want to.

Children Play in small groups and large groups with a lot of fluidity between them.
Increased Cooperation and less conflict were observed while students used the pod materials.

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